Vestnik RUDN. International Relations thematic scope for 2019

Vestnik RUDN. International Relations is inviting prospective contributors. Each of the issues has, but is not limited to a particular thematic focus, which is set in advance. Articles on the thematic focus make up the “core” of issue. At the same time other topics are also covered. Constant rubrics include “History of International Relations”, “Applied Analysis”, “Political Portraits”, “International academic cooperation”. The journal welcomes the publication of reviews. Academic interviews with leading researchers on international affairs, working in one area, but in different countries are allocated in every issue in the rubric “Research Schools”.

Upcoming 2019 issues of the Vestnik RUDN will deal with the following issues:

# 1 2019.China – USA: coo-petition (cooperation + competition) - by November, 15 2018

# 2 2019. International Studies in CIS, Asia, Africa and Latin America -by February, 15 2019

# 3 2019. International energy cooperation and transport mega-projects in developing countries -by May, 15 2019

# 4 2019. The role of Islam in World Politics -by August, 15 2019


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