RUDN is a leading scientific and educational center of Russia that focuses on the problems of CIS region. The department of theory and history of international relations runs masters program on international relations on the basis of the CIS Network University. Among our partners are leading research and educational institutions of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Ukraine

RUDN department of theory and history of international relations has a leading academic school on the history of international relations. It includes over twenty PHD scientists. Wide recognition was gained by the classic textbook of the department on Russia foreign policy 1648-2010 under the editorship of Protopopov, Kozmenko and Spakovskaya.

Since 2014 RUDN has been conduction expert scientific seminars and situational analysis on researching international conflicts with participation of leading academia members from Russian and foreign institutions. The department researches both the issues of theoretical aspects of application of specific mathematical instruments in the context of basic paradigms of theory of international relations and the problem of practical features of studying the contemporary situation in one of the countries in the world on the basis if these instruments

In 2010 RUDN received a grant on the topic «Formation of the Russian image in the context of Afghani crisis and the creation of regional global security» in the framework of which the conference was held with the following publication of its proceedings. Since then such a conference became a yearly tradition.

RUDN is traditionally concentrated on African studies. Under the careful supervision of professor V.I. Yurtaev there is a center of African studies that publishes an annual yearbook dedicated to African studies. Each year on February we hold a conference titled «Africa in the system of international relations» (organized by Nigussie Kassae Michael).

RUDN has several leading experts on the Asian-pacific region and the foreign policy of its countries. Among those are the alumni of ISAA of Moscow State University, professor Vladimir Yurtaev and professor A.V. Vinogradov. The department also takes serious interest in the Arabic studies, which are represented by E.M. Savicheva. Alongside the recognized academia members the department has prepared a number of young specialists on China Zhuravleva E.V. and Tsvyk A.V. and a prominent expert on the Arab world O.S. Chikrizova.

The leading expert of the department and RUDN in general is professor A. Yu. Borzova. Her research focuses on the foreign policies and diplomacy of Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal.

RUDN was originally created as a University for preparation of specialists for the developing countries, so it comes with no surprise that the issues of international aid and cooperation are in the center of attention of a vast number of RUDN scholars and researchers. In the framework of the University there have been published books and monographies such as numerous works of D.A. Degterev. THIR department also has a fully functioning masters program titled «Global Security and Development Cooperation».